Hydra-How to fly pc version(jet mode)

1.Get the hydra,or type 'jumpjet'.
2.Get inside.
3.Hover till you reach a safe distance.
4.Now on the numpad press 8 till the thrusters face you.
5.Now the jet mode is activated and the hydra flies like any normal plane in san andreas.
6.Do not forget to take the landing gear inside by pressing 2.
7.Now to get into hover mode press 2 on the numpad until the thrusters face the ground.
8.(Bonus tip)Press space bar to target vehicles and ctrl to shoot missiles while holing ctrl.
9.To release Napalm,click left mouse button.(It is used to divert sam missiles where the napalm is released and you wont get hurt by the missile)
10.Have fun in the fastest aircraft in san andreas and also one of the fastest vehicle in san andreas.